Who We Are

ABC Events is a team of young players who laid the foundation on the basis of creativity and hard work. ABC Events was established in 2011 and has the experience of five years with numerous contacts and works to boast about. We majorly move forward in Social like birthdays, weddings, galas etc and Corporate events like conferences, cocktail, meetings tours etc. ABC Events always worked with a vision to help you celebrate the small and big felicity of your life through our services in decoration, venues, hospitality, photography/videography, catering, and entertainment. ABC Events belongs to a field of Mass communication and journalism; hence have an upper hand in technicality. Therefore ABC Events always reaches for perfection while working in each and every field.

We strive to create the flawless and ideal blend of zest and liveliness. We believe in working with emphasizing on the personal touch and believe in the new beginnings in a manner so that the event turns out to be full of emotions. ABC Events understands the importance of an event for you and hence our work is an attempt to make you feel loved and vital in you happiness, as we know you would want to relive these moments through your memories forever though we aspire to make it all worth it.

Therefore ABC Events is definitely a one stop solution for your requirements and demands to be fulfilled with the pinch of perfection, excellencies, and magnificence.

Our Team

Ajay Bhatiwal

Managing Director

He is the captain cool of our team thinker/imaginator/ the brain factory he is very fine with his skills and he looks after all departs like a king on throne.

Rahul Kumar

Event Manager

He is a team player and crucial backbone of the abc Events. His ability to balance his calmness with critical thinking plays like an ace. He handles operations and client relationship his genuine commitment that becomes the major reason behind his ace.

Kapil Pandey

Content Writer

He is the person who gives words to your dreams and imagination. Your vision and imaginations can be forgotten but his words will stay forever brushing and grooming up your visions again and again.

Tushar Verma

Video Editor

He is an imaginer and very talented editor & he don’t like to work without creativity which is his soul mate to give you wow moments. He matches your moments , emotions with dissolves of editing.



Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is. Our team provides you with the best of the videographer and photographer who will capture every precious moment, every meaningful emotion and every important face – one click at a time to make the day memorable through there amazing creativity.

Ruchika Gupta

Social Media Manager

The lesser age has the more responsibility. She is very hard working. She’s very active in social media and love to work. She has keen interest to learn and has a very charmful nature. She keeps everyone happy in our office.


Graphic Designer

He is the champ of our team and he knows very well the importance of the event execution he build the structure of the event in his vision and gives you the feel of live event.

Sahil Sinha

Graphic Designer

He is a screen player and art lover with his solid imagination and art combination he gives us very creative designs. when we put them on the venue the guests enjoy the clicks.

Misbah Ali

Creative Designer

She creatively objectify your opinions. Making a boredom party into fun is her job. She adds all the possible, required and necessary angle and ideas in the function. Not leaving a single fun activity behind.

Lakhan Saini

He is a cinematographer of our company and he takes the responsibility to cover the whole event with his camera. very hard workaholic and he knows how to Shoot your emotions feelings or happiness in his camera.